Maternal mortality reduction remains a priority under Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

“Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda through 2030. In February 2015, the World Health Organization published “Strategies toward ending preventable maternal mortality (EPMM)” (EPMM Strategies), a direction-setting report outlining global targets and strategies for reducing maternal mortality under the SDGs.

PSPI is out to be a major stakeholder in ending preventable maternal mortality

The result of extensive consultations with stakeholders around the globe, the targets and strategies in the EPMM Strategies report are grounded in a human rights approach to maternal and newborn health and focus on eliminating the inequities that lead to disparities in access, quality and outcomes of health care within and among countries.

EPMM Targets
Global Target:

By 2030, reduce the global maternal mortality ratio (MMR) to fewer than 70 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.

The majority of maternal deaths are preventable:
About three quarters of all maternal deaths are caused by postpartum hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders such as pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, infections, unsafe abortion and other delivery-related complications. In theory, all of the major causes of maternal death can be treated with effective and timely clinical intervention. At PSPI, we empower all pregnant woman with the knowledge she needs to approach health care quickly.

Building a conglomerate that the Pregnant woman can always rely upon, spiritually, physically and psychologically.

Socially, we are also set out to provide a social environment where every pregnant woman feels loved and cared for.

We enable and ensure every pregnant women is enlightened about her pregnancy journey and therefore prevent avoidable conditions and complications.


Pregnancy Support Partners INT’L is a social enterprise that seeks to attain world-class relevance in reducing maternal mortality and achieving a happy journey and safe delivery for pregnant women


Our mission is to provide all the health education the pregnant woman and her spouse needs to ensure she accesses and gets appropriate and timely healthcare when necessary.

Preganancy Support Partners are set to provide physical social, psychological, and spiritual support to all women of childbearing age and more specifically to pregnant women.

Pregnancy Support Partners Int’l seeks to create a community of well-informed women of childbearing age who will in turn, be happy to socialize and build meaningful relationships with each other.

Please select below the Package you have interest in. 👇🏿

A. Basic Entry Package
B. Premium Package.
. Instalmental..
. Full payment.
C. Gold Package

Premium Package

This is for every pregnant woman as they will be required to pay ₦500 before addition to the WhatsApp page.

Every Pregnant woman will sign up for the kind of support she wants.

Going beyond the basic ₦500, and having access to other services below means paying ₦20,000 one time payment.

Installmental payments are allowed but to be completed within 2 months of sign up.

For installmental payments, you pay 7k upfront, first installment.

🔥 Entry level – ₦500

✅ Access to all weekly lectures on the WhatsApp group.

✅ Access to opportunity to meet and socialize with other pregnant women.

✅ Enabled Networking

Payment for Entry Level is done via this payment button:


1. Physical and Physiological

🔥 My free Pregnancy Ebook at second month of subscription.
🔥 Male Involvement in maternal health.
🔥 Review of the pregnant woman’s antenatal and test reports with appropriate health advice.
🔥 Answers to personal questions from WhatsApp teaching sessions
🔥 Nutritional and dietary advice for Pregnancy in every trimester
🔥 Appropriate exercises in pregnancy in every trimester.
🔥 Antenatal visits reminders.
🔥 Reminders about Medications in pregnancy

2. PSPI Mental and Psychological Support

🔥 Access to daily talk time.. 10 minutes per day.
🔥 Health consultation on phone discussion
🔥 Video calls, WhatsApp calls, group zoom calls.
🔥 Access to YouTube videos. Links sent to you each time one is released.
🔥 Enabling consistency in taking medications in pregnancy
🔥 Relaxational chats on WhatsApp.
🔥 Health consultation to newly delivered mothers till second week postpartum (of delivery)
🔥 Enabling you to overcome your fears in pregnancy
🔥 Enabling family memories in Pregnancy photoshoots.
🔥 Fight against Postpartum depression and blues.

3. PSPI Spiritual services

🔥 Provide you scriptures for daily confession
🔥 Personally walk you through your daily confessions.
🔥 Prayer points for the unborn child… Weekly prayer together on WhatsApp or direct call.
🔥 Prayer points and praying together for the delivery day and the days following.

Payment is done using any of the payment links below:

1. One Time Payment:

2. Installmental Payments:

Gold Package

To Pay 100k upfront.
Instalmental payment means paying 40,000 in 3 installments.. 40, 40, 30… 110k.

Payment is done via these payment links:

1. One Time Payment:

2. Installmental Payments:


Price is negotiable based on location of delivery

Payment must be completed before labour begins.

🔥 All PSF services,
🔥 Transportation,
🔥 Accommodation
🔥 Physical presence in active labour and delivery
🔥 Psychological support and care during active labour and delivery
🔥 Establishment of mother baby bonding
🔥 Postpartum services including family planning counseling services.